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2 of 4 :)

wow, another great show Friday - & they played "In the Orchard" again & we also got to hear Under Saturns Shadow for an encore& a rare performance of "Calling" (they've only done that one a few times)

-- Prelude: Nightfall
-- Nocturnal
-- Ghostfire
-- When Night Comes Down
-- Through the Darkness
-- True Romance
-- LunaTone
-- Cupid's Victim
-- Rose of the Devil's Garden
-- Incorporeal
-- In The Orchard
-- Twenty Flight Rock
-- Jungle Cat
-- Calling
-- F.T.W.
-- Never Die
Encore: Under Saturn's Shadow

I am so loving the new song Lunatone, it is just gorgeous...I asked Jeff afterwards if we;d get to hear any more new ones & he said they've rehearsed quite a few but even he doesn't know what they ar eplaying from night to night 'til Nick makes the set list but I had to tell him how much I loved the new one & how thrilled I was to hear "In the Orchard" :)

Openers Love=Death and Imperative Reaction were great too!!!

Lots of TA pix up now -


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