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Four in a row!!

So Sunday Feb 5th was the last of the 4 in a row Tiger Army shows in Anaheim, if anything the crowd was wilder & more brutal than before. Black Rose Phantoms opened & had tons of energy & then up was Left Alone who also kept the crowd hopping. And finally TA hit the stage & did afew they hadn't done so far including "Power of Moonlite", "What Happens?" & "Towards Destiny" & the crowd went bananas, there were a few moments there i questioned my sanity bringing my D70 into the crowd!

set list
-- Ghost Tigers Rise
-- Ghostfire
-- True Romance
-- Power of Moonlite
-- Through the Darkness
-- Valley of Dreams
-- Cupid's Victim
-- LunaTone
-- Rose of the Devil's Garden
-- Incorporeal
-- Outlaw Heart
-- The Loop
-- In the Orchard
-- Nocturnal
-- What Happens?
-- F.T.W.
-- Never Die

Encore: Prelude: Call of the Ghost Tigers/Towards Destiny

Forgot to mention one of the highlights of Saturday night - I got to meet Joel Day, the original upright bassist for Tiger Army - VERY cool to meet him, esp as he'd written me previously & joined my message board (the the coolest of screen names - "Viva Hatebreeder") Very nice fellow & delighted to make his acquaintence! Small world time again - he and I were both on a Misfits mailing list in the mid-90's (The Misfits Bible) - he remembers a thread where people who were in bands listed if they did Misfits covered & he wrote "I'm in this band Tiger Army" - my first encounter with the name & I totally missed it!

So flew home early Monday morning after 3 hrs sleep (ack!), luckily this flight home lacked the obligatory screaming baby & I actually caught some sleep. Now back to work (for a mandotory meeting nobody is allowed to miss else I would have stayed out all week - darn!!!) & I'll head back up to BWI after work on Thursday - CRAZY!

I'd be depressed if it was over but I'll head back to San Diego thursday night for the 2 SD HOB shows on Friday & Saturday with the Phenomenauts, looking forward to that & found a really nice hotel in walking distance to the venue down in the Gaslamp district - haven't seen that House of Blues yet as the only San Diego shows I've seen have been at SOMA.

Pix up now -


here's a couple -

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