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I've been slacking a bit....

on updates since returning from San Diego last week - got my flight back OK (thankfully not delayed or cancelled) but returned to a TON of snow - between 14-21 inches between BWI airport & home. It took me a while to dig out the car from the aiport parking lot & I burned a lot of rubber driving it out through a bit of a plowed in snowdrift but I made it back OK. Had a kinda scary ride home as some idiot nearly killed me on I-95 when a little white sports car tried to pass a truck by jumping into the right lane (illegal as hell!) while I was merging into it from the airport exit, he missed me by inches only as I swerved really fast into the shoulder & rumble strips but that was a scary moment!! Talk about an adrenaline rush!! Boy I hate the snow, mades me regret leaving California even more but it was all worth it as I had such a great time. (Damn I wish I'd stayed - wouldn't you know it 2 days after I leave my friends got to meet Tim Burton & Danny Elfman at a signing for the new "Corpse Bride" DVD at a Best Buy in Hollywood - ARGH!!!! Talk about major frustration!!)

Once back that damn chronic respiratory infection flared up again (no doubt weather related), this time my Dr put me on the really heavy duty antibiotics, the same ones she gave me when I had pnuemonia a few years ago and these seem to be doing the trick after a week of them (another week to go which will hopefully kill off this bug!) Still feeling tired & drained, this infection has really taken a lot out of me.

Luckily I had a 3 day weekend to rest up & slept most of Sunday, spent Monday workling on uploading photos (See previous entry), did make it out Saturday night when saintangelsin called me up to say she had free extra ticket to see She Wants Revenge & Electric Six at the Black Cat so met her & her sister down there, enjoyed SWR who have a definite Joy Division influences, got some pix I put up on my web page here. Very cool to see my old friend Andy at the Black Cat - his wife was DJing the 80's dance party downstairs but I was too tired to make it to that after the show as I wasn't feeling so great due to unfortunately a bunch of people smoking around me & I was having asthma trouble. 2007 can't come soon enough for me when smoking will be barred in DC buildings like it already is in Maryland!

Did a bit of shopping - since I paid off my car loan nearly a year early & got my tax refund already I bought myself a present - a new car stereo I'll get installed March 2nd - its a really nice Alpine CD deck that I can plug my MP3 player directly into (I am SO done with that stupid little radio transmitter thingie to play it through the car radio which always looses/changes signals that are hard to retune while you are driving) & it will also get XM satellite radio. I'm tired of having no radio since WHFS got taken over by the Spanish station over a year ago (curse you El Zol!!)- it's hard to believe its been that long since I listened to any radio! But from what I've heard of XM in deadendqueen's car & the playlists & station descriptions on their website it sounds like they play a lot of stuff I like & hopefully I can find out about new bands that way. Either way my car will be loaded with tunes :) Also found a Devilman seriograph on ebay by Yasushi Nirasawa I've been searching for several years now so happy to find that.

Busy making plans to see Tiger Army & Morrissey - got my Oklahoma Cuity tix & the Tulsa ones should be here soon! Decided I'll head first to Albequerque for one of TA's solo shows since that one is on a Saturday & I wouldn't need any more time off work. Ends !n Tragegy, the new band for my friend Chad formerly of 12 Step Rebels will be opening at the Albecracky show so it will be great to see Chad again as I was really bummed when 12 Step broke up. It occurred to me that for the last few years I've made it to a new state I've never seen before (2003 was Wisconsin, 2004 was Texas, 2005 was Utah) so for 2006 we'll get a double whammy with New Mexico & Oklahoma! (I think this just leaves Arkansas, Iowa, Idaho, North & South Dakota, Kansas, Missouri, Montana & Nebraska plus of course Hawaii & Alaska, some day I'll have visited 'em all!)
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