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cool toys....

Good mail day yesterday, got some neat goodies I was waiting on -

from Chaser Merchandise I got the first in a series of 3 cartoony Danzig dolls made by Medicom of Japan... I was way amused that the box bore the "postmark of the beast" and Chaser spent $6.66 to mail it (now I wanna know if they kept measuring out foam peanuts to get just the right weight...)

It's the first of a series of 3 called "the 3 Faces of Danzig" for his Misfits, Samhain and Danzig years...this guy is the 'fits version which i sthe first release (I guess this means I gotta break down & buy the previously released Jerry & Doyle ones now)

Article on the Danzig toys here from Super Seven Magazine -
Page 1
Page 2

And from Rinkya (who will bid for us outsiders on Yahoo Japan which is like the Japanese ebay except most of the sellers are xenophobes who won't ship outside the country) I got a way cool stainless steel Devilman watch with a chain band - some sort of limited edition as its numbered #400 (no idea how many made)...

Neat stuff....

Danzig dollie -

and his box with the $6.66 postmark!

Devilman watch -

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