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Eeeck she's shopping again! (when it rains it pours!!!)

I have a bad art habit. At least it has better resale value than drinking or doing drugs and gives you something to look at. But oh man when it rains it pours!

So yesterday I'm cruising the web & I check out the web page of Reed Comics, who I bought my Simon Bisley Lobo painting from a few months ago. (To state the obvious, I've been a drooling Bisley fanboy for about 15 years & he's one of my absolute favorite artists of all time) Dude is Bisley's rep in the UK & handles all his sales and often has some primo stuff. So I open up a page of Bisley drawings & see a bunch of thumbnails marked "Preliminary for Danzig album 2006" and I go "What the Fuck????" and can't open them fast enough.

And there are 11 drawings of monsters & ghoulies and zombie frankenstein creatures splitting out of busty women & bizarre cool madness. And one says "Never RIP Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankensteins Monster" and another has a note that sez "Glenn - Craig - Doyle - Call Me".

I'm not sure exactly what's going on but I have a strong hunch they are album cover (or maybe T shirt??) ideas for Doyle's new band Gorgeous Frankenstein unless perhaps Doyle is doing something with Glenn??? So I kinda went into the "grab now, think later" knowing that if I wanted any I'd better act fast before any (other) crazy Misfits fans get wind of these & picked out the four I liked best & figure I'll pay off the Visa card somehow....

Then like an idiot I cruise ebay. And stop dead in my tracks when I find a vintage painting of Devilman that's gotta be from the early 70's. It's in the style of the TV series too, not the manga, makes me wonder if it wasn't a magazine illo.

I've been collecting manga for over 20 years and you NEVER EVER EVER see original Japanese manga/comic art for sale. The Japanese are weird about it, like they consider it an insult to sell the art as they consider the printed piece the finished one or something but you cannot ever find manga art on the market compared to American comic art. The only original Devilman piece I had so far was a real quickie sketch that Go Nagai did for me when I met him at the San Diego comic con in '95 when he was hanging out at Danzig's Verotik booth. So after a quick call to Jree "what do I do?" and with her encouragement (she's no help!) I hit the buy it now. Better than kicking myself later with the "I wish I'd nabbed it when I had the chance" like I still do on a couple things (oh man that Fabry Preacher #3 cover of Cassidy - CRY!)

Honest I meant to try and pay off all my credit cards this year but I might take a little longer.... LOL one of these days I'll be running the "Liz Bouras Pop Culture Mini Museum" outta my bedroom...

And if THAT wasn't bad enough.... this morning I get an email from the guy I bought a bunch of original Linas Garsys designs for various AFI T-shirts from last year asking me if I'm interested in more as he's decided to sell the rest of his collection. I am braced. I am doomed :) But its a happy kinda doom!

I need to get up and slowly walk away from the computer for a while! At least tonight I'll get out of the house to get the new car stereo installed (which thankfully is already aid for!)

the four Bisley drawings I picked up -

The Devilman painting from ebay -

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