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See a body and a dream of the dead days....

Oh man am I beat..... hauling my ass into work after 2 hours sleep last night, thats what I get for staying out late & then getting home & being unable to wait to download my photos off the memory card & going into photoshop frenzy....ack!

But had lotta fun at the Sisters of Mercy show at the 9:30, the opening band the Warlocks were pretty damn boring - prolly OK if you are into stuff like My Bloody Valentine & shoegazing but I thought they were pretty dull, convienient of them to use the Sisters fog machine so they didn't have to worry about stage presence, aw well, at least there was only one opening act to sit through. Honest I can't even remember who opened for them last time in 1999 (and I saw that tour in DC & Atlanta) - did they even have one?

The Sisters were entertaining even tho they suffered froma lot of sound problems (obviously there was some major monitor trouble up front & Von wasn't too happy about it) and the sound in general was low & kinda muddy which was unusual for the 9:30 as stuff usually sounds better there, thought the new guitarist was pretty fun to watch, set list had some surprizes like some oldies/obscurities like "On the Wire" and The Sisterhood's "Giving Ground", I got one of Herr Eldritch's partial set lists (one of 3 pages) after the sho even marked "Von List" :) Got a tour shirt, the hoodie was cool but I balked at paying $50, $30 for a shirt was bad enough :(

Set list:
First & Last & Always
Dr Jeep/Detonation Blvd
Crash & Burn
On the Wire/Teachers
(We Are the Same) Susanne
Giving Ground
Dominion/Mother Russia
When You DOn't See Me
Flood II
Something Fast
Lucretia (My Reflection)
Top Nite Out
Vision Thing

Got a few decent pix with my little camera (no pro cameras allowed, at least the non-pro can do decently) - the flash was useless as it would just hit fog/smoke, thankfully there was some nice lighting that allowed for a few decent shots without it, put a bunch on my web page late last night (hence the lack of sleep!):


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