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from the sublime to the ridiculous...

As the Partridge family once sang, "Point me in the direction of Albuquerque"....

I flew out yesterday & after I landed rented a car, was a nice to surprize to get an econo-box Hyundai Accent upgraded to a snazzy little PT Cruiser :) Checked into the Hotel Blue on the main drag of Central avenue (the old historic Route 66) and nicely decorated in an art deco style & crashed. Today I went exploring and shopping : )

I found a bunch of antique malls & had a great find - two vintage circa 1890 ish Art Nouveau sterling siler brushes (possibly by Unger Brothers - I will have to check when I get home) for $24 for the PAIR - I about died! And found a marvelous shop selling hand made Indian jewlery and got a beautiful sterling silver band inset with opals and a huge silver ring decorated with sujilite and opals at prices a fraction of what they'd charge back on the east coast - and to think I was almost afraid to ask what they cost assuming I couldn't afford!

the store-

my rings-

Had to stop and take photos of a beautiful old theater from the 1930's, the KiMo

and as I've always enjoyed taking photos of both lawn ornaments & tacky motels those interests collided when I discovered the Aztec Motel -

my rental car -

my hotel-

The view from my window of a lovely old Victorian house -

and the Launchpad where I'll see Tiger Army & Ends !n Tragedy tonight!!

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