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at the Lauchpad!

Had a great time at the Launchpad, got there early & met up with my old friends Mad Dog Chad (formerly the drummer from 12 Step Rebels) & Ian (who did 12 Step's merch & joined as 2nd guitarist at the very end) - thanks to them I was able to come inside early & watch everybody warm up & sound check for which I was very grateful as it was quite cold & windy out!

Tiger Army were late to arrive as they'd had a hellish drive through a snowstorm on their way from Phoenix & arrived all bundled up in parkas & scarves (love the one Nick had with lots of cute little cartoony skulls on it!) but once they got here they got busy & set up & sound checked.

Opening from Ends !n Tragedy who I really enjoyed, its so great to see Chad again since I really was upset when I heard that 12 Step Rebels had broken up last year, then up were Stabbed in Back who were OK tho I most enjoyed their cover of the Misfits song "Bullet". Then TA took the stage & it got pretty crazy - it was a smallish club and PACKED solid!

I got lots of pix of Tiger Army from last night... it was the nght of equipment falure for me, during E!T's set I realized my battery charger was malfunctioning as my two lithium batteries were NOT charged even tho I'd left them in their for hours & the light was green, so I got some pix of E!T with the good camera but had to use my little backup for Tiger Army so while they're not bad they are unfortunaely not as good as I could have done (tho still way better than the disposables & cell phones all around me!!!)


I also got lots of Ends !n Tragedy I'll get up ASAP! Now need to get packing to fly to Tulsa for Moz's show tomorrow tho it looks like I'm taking somewhat of a detour to Kansas City tonight to see the Horrorpops & Dropkick Murphys on a near spur of the moment!

cool new hoodies design & shirt by Linas Garsys-

Albert at the merch booth-

Chris, Ian & Chad from Ends !n Tragedy -

setlist - (same one they used in Phoenix)

some pix from show -

jeff & James warming up before the show -

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