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last night & craziness in between....

Life has been moving faster than my ability to write things down....

Quick recap - last Friday (March 10) I flew to Albuquerque & saw Tiger Army & Chad's new band Ends !n Tragedy on Saturday night at the Lunchpad.

Then Sunday it started getting crazy :) I flew into Tulsa from ABQ & Amelia (deadendqueen) picked me up at the aiport & we drove straight to Kansas City, MO, about 4 hours of backroads mostly through Kansas which only leads me to ask why the fuck Dorothy would ever want to go back there when she could have stayed in Oz! She is very close friends with the guys in the Dropkick Murphys who were playing up there along with the The Tossers, Horrorpops & Sick of It All.

The ride took longer than expected due to some pretty severe thunderstorms & we had a bit of trouble finding the club (working backwards on Mapquest isn't always the best idea...) but ended up in downtown Kansas City & just sorta drove in the direction like it looked like a club might be & joked when we saw an Irish pub & said "its gotta be around here somewhere" and turned the corner and bam!, there it was along with the tour buses.

Unfortunately due to the delays we totally missed the Tossers & came in for the last 2 Horrorpops songs which was a bummer for me but got to see Sick of it all & Dropkick. After they played I ran into Geoff Kresge & it was great to see him again & we talked for quite a while & I got the inside scoop on Viva Hate :) They'll be doing their first show at the Troubador on May 26th so I'll try my best to make it out for that (I think they'll be playing with Mad Sin at the Henry Ford Theater the next night too....) Afterwards went out & found Amelia & she introduced me to james & Tim of the Dropkick Murphys who are really nice guys, James is one of her closest friends. They wanted us to come hang out at the bar they were going to but we had at least a 4 hr ride back to our hotel in Tulsa so unfortunately we had to say bye and hit the road or we'd never make it back.

The next day in Tulsa (Monday) Amelia & I saw Moz (see earlier entry), then on the 14th she started driving back to my place while I got a ride to Oklahoma City & that night I made it to the 2nd Morrissey show. Wednesday I flew back from Oklahoma City to Baltimore with a stopover in Kansas City that turned into a pain in the ass when somebody left a door unlocked & they evacuated the whole area & made everybody go through security screening again right before the flight was to leave!

When I got to BWI I picked up my car & drove up to the Rams Head Live venue in Baltimore to see the Horrorpops, Tossers, SOIA and DKM again, Geoff had been nice enough to put me and my room mates on the guest list & get me a photo pass :) Meanwhile Amelia had driven back from Oklahoma stopping in KY en route & picked up Judy and Paula at my place and brought them up to the venue. This time we got to see the Tossers who were quite good, very influenced by traditional Irish folk music & included people on violin, mandolin and flute. Next up were the Horrorpops who were fun as always & I got a lot of pix (which I haven't even had a chance to download off the compact flash cards). Also got some pix of Sick of it all & the DKM - they were REALLY good, especially as they are obviously getting in the mood for St Patrick's Day on Friday.

Met a gal at the Kansas City show with a cool Horrorpops tattoo -

she desparately wanted to meet them so I introduced her to Geoff and Kamilla & got a pic of her with Geoff

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