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and if thats not enough...

looks like i am being Shang-hai'd to Boston for St Patricks' Day to see the Dropkick Murphys again Friday at the Avalon which amidst the drunken Irish population of Boston should be something equivilent to Ground Zero :) And then Saturday night they are playing with the Explosion who I haven't seen in WAY too long & hopefully I'll see my buddies from Lost City Angels up there!! (Evan who worked with them on the Tiger Army tour is now working for the Murphys this tour & was surprized & happy to see me & said they'll be at the shows!) Should be pretty wild....

Now I just wish I had time to sleep for a few hours in between - its my own damn fault I had fun hanging out half the night after Moz & then getting up early to fly home but this morning I was pretty ragged after getting home from Baltimore at 2 AM & getting up for work at 5.... I really need more than 3 hrs sleep a night!
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