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finally beating this crud....

Finally beginning to feel better & breathing clearer, thanks to all who cared! Still very tired & trying to rest up but making progress : )

Went and saw "Shaun of the Dead" & enjoyed it very much, very funny and they had a great time paying homage to so many other horror and zombie movies - characters called Ash and Ed Wood, a restaurant called Fulci's, the last scene paid tribute to Dellamorte Dellamore and I about choking laughing when Shaun set out to rescue his mum and uttered "we coming to get you Barbara!". I love in-jokes and the horror genre certainly encourages them.

Picked up the new Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds double album "Abbatoir Blues"/"Lyre of Orpheus" - it is brilliant, his best work in years. And the new issue of Outburn has some very nice pix of Tiger Army and an interview with Nick!
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