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Good news & misc ramblings

Got a very nice email yesterday from Elvis the singer of Left Alone saying how much they liked my pix & are gonna use one of Ramrod (the drummer) on their next album - yay!! :) I may not be the next Mick Rock or Annie Leibowitz (yet!) but I'm always thrilled when somebody can use my stuff! Here's a link to some of my pix of them at the House of Blues in February opening for Tiger Army - still gotta put up ones from the fall tour with the Horrorpops & will get to see them again with the Horrorpops at the Ottobar at the end of April!

I was absolutely stunned last night to see an old silkscreened Misfits poster from the old Ritz (where Webster Hall is now) in NYC sell on ebay for over $5,100.... knowing that I have an identical one safely stored in a heavy poster tube. Sheesh when I croak my old crap is gonna be worth a mint at this rate!

This is mine -

here's the one on ebay - linkie

And the latest addition to the art collection is here - two very cool AFI T shirt designs by Linas Garsys :)

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