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see ya in the pit!

Happy to get GA/Pit tickets at the Spiral presale for NIN & Bauhaus here at Nissan Pavillion on June 13. That should be an amazing show tho its a bit weird that Bauhaus is opening for NIN, I realize NIN is the bigger commercial draw but what about respect to your elders and influences? Ah well at least it will expose them to a younger audience, at least I hope so.

Meanwhile I gotta pass on the HFEstival - its now a 2 day thing on memorial day weekend up at Merriweather - AFI is playing but I already planned on going to LA that weekend... I might have reconsidered but I found out they are charging $100 for pit tickets which IMHO is just too damn much, especially since there aren't any other bands playing I'm remotely interested in seeing. I don't even want to go if I can't get up front. I guess they figure they'd rather have the $$ than have scalpers make it but that stoo much to see one band, instead I got tickets to the Warped show they are playing in Raleigh at the end of June and hopefully they'll do some east coast club dates this summer too.

Had another job interview this morning, seemed to go well, I am keeping my fingers crossed as I really want to get away from my current management as soon as possible. (the sad thing is I like most of the people I work with & don't mind the job but the management drive me insane :( Have another two interviews lined up for Thursday & Friday so sooner or later something's gotta work out!
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