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The Day of Reckoning is at hand....

(Rant from Liz)

I hope that everybody who is registered will go out and vote & let their opinion be known or if not shut the fuck up - if you don't participate in the process you don't have a right to complain about the outcome.

That said I am waiting to get off from work & head to the polls and anticipating a long wait - that's OK tho, I'm certainly experienced at waiting in line : ) Just hope that we can bring in a new administration, I'm not sure that this country could withstand another 4 years of Bush as he's already run the USA into the ground.

It scares me that he has as much support at he does - I could understand a few percent of rich folks making out like bandits from his tax cuts wanting him back, but the rest? Are they all right wing bible thumpers terrified at the thought of gay marriage or abortion who feel an overwhelming need to force everybody else to adopt their moral standards as they obvious feel superior and that other people aren't entitled to their opinions? Judy says that Bush has so much support because people think he'll keep them safe from terrorists and he's got them all scared, what with color coding days and all. I certainly don't feel any safer, but I don't feel particularly at risk from terrorists (even living so close to Washington DC which must be like ground zero) as they seem to strike randomly, I feel more at risk by being bit in a car accident on the beltway (much more likely IMHO) or at being hit by lightning. I worry more about spiraling inflation, not being able to afford gas to drive my car, never being able to afford a house, loosing my job, having to work until I drop as I can't afford to retire or loosing health insurance. Those seem so much more real than terrorists.

Good luck Mr. Kerry!

In honor of election day every 4 years I drag out one of the few things I have that belonged to my dad to wear (probably in violation of the Hatch Act) - his Tricky Dick Nixon watch, made by the Dirty Time company at the height of the Watergate scandal. His eyes shift back and forth every second and it says "I am not a crook" on the face. I was too lazy to take a photo but stole one from ebay (shown left).
And I even have the matching Spiro Agnew watch! And to think some people inherit real estate, I got a couple of novelty watches, a WWII bomber jacket and a manual typewriter.

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