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another year older & probably no wiser but certainly more eccentric....

Birthday today, once again I hope for a relatively uneventful day since April 19 tends to be a rather violent one (Paul Rever's Ride, Invasion of the Bay of Pigs in Cuba, the massacre in Waco, Texas and the Oklahona City Bombing all took place on that day (the Columbine killings were originally planned for April 19 as well in honor of the Oklahoma City Bombing but apparently the trenchcoat mafia spaced it & did it the next day ). So I usually just wish for a nice quiet day!!

I'll celebrate tonight by going out to dinner with some of my closest friends - Judy, Paula, Chris and xmxsuicidex to my favorite Thai restaurant Old Siam :) Hard to beat good food & good company for a nice low key evening.

Nothing could come close to topping last year's birthday so I won't even try =)

I usually get really depressed on my birthday thinking I'm another year older with not much accomplished, this year it really helps to have the new job approaching May 1st and feeling a little better about myself in that they obviously deemed me worthy of hiring. And at least I look a lot younger than I am :)

My horoscope in today's paper sounds appropriate, at least the career part:

Today's Birthday April 19: It's your year of self-acceptance. This creates the congruence you need to move forward with full power toward your fondest wish. Next month brings a turnaround in your career environment (how true!!) You come out of changes on top., Family life improves in July when a disturbing element is tamed. There's a brilliant spark between you and a Leo or Sagittarius.
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