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You wouldn't expect any less of me, right????

So I find out AFI are playing 3 semi-secret shows next week with the links & passwords to tickets posted only on the Despair Faction (AFI fan club) message board.... and how little egging on does it take from two friends to give me the balls to ask my soon-to-be ex-boss for my last day of work OFF and believe it or not she said "well, OK I guess" so WHAAAM ---- off goes Liz to order tickets and book flights and boy am I grateful for stored freebie frequent flyer flight coupons for just this sort of event since I was able to use a free round trip via Southwest because otherwise it would be been around $600 on such short notice.

Whew. I think I'm typing like my mind is going right now.

So now Thursday I'm off to LA again and I'll get to see them next Friday at the Henry Fonda Theater in Hollyweird :) It will be a week & a half shy of the 3 year anniversary of when I first heard them & they became the catalyst that totally changed my life (and certainly made it a helluva lot more interesting!)

In a way its a relief - I've been finding various announced dates in June for cities within driving distance (NYC, Raleigh, Myrtle Beach) but all midweek which would mean a minumum of 2 days off work & I'm hesitant to start a new job & start making vacation demands (I would like to make a nice impression!) so I was beginnig to fret that I might not catch them on this go-round as none had been announced for the DC?Baltimore area or in driving range on weekends.

Gawd I feel like I commute on my "regular" 6:40 flight outta BWI to LAX!


no sooner do I post than this shows up on the message board -

Spring tour according to MTV news

I was watching the MTV News podcast and they mentioned AFI and a Spring tour with Nightmare of You and Dillinger Escape Plan. They said that a few dates have been confirmed and more to come in the next few weeks. These are the dates they showed:
06/13 Montreal
06/15 Toronto
06/20 Boston
06/22 New York City
06/24 Philadelphia
07/11 Denver

Yay Philly is on a Saturday! That one will be a definite & I'll cross my fingers for DC or Baltimore a day or two later!
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