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Hey Miss Murder....

So Thursday shortly after my farewell luncheon at work at Salai Thai (yummm!!!) I left work early to head to BWI airport & caught the 6:40 nonstop on Southwest to LAX - by now I feel like I'm commuting! Picked up a rental car & off to Hollywood to check into the hotel, well after a quick detour to In & Out Burger! On the way to the hotel I drove by the Henry Fonda theater & spotted about half a dozen diehard AFI fans already in line! Damn that's dedication but right then all I wanted was SLEEEEP especially as I'd only gotten about 2 hrs worth the night before after being out so late to see the Horrorpops!!

The next morning Mary stopped by to check in along with Alex & Rachel & we went over & got in line about 2 PM & ended up next to a lot of folks I recognized from the Tiger Army shows in Anaheim & San Diego in February :) Stacy who was right in front of us was one of the lucky few to unravel the "five flowers mystery" and received one of the laminates that let her into the show free (shown here). Met up with Amelia & ran into many many folks I knew - Albert (who was doing merch that night for Dear & Departed), Straight Edge Mark, Ramon, Lydia, Sonia, Louie Bones & many more!

Got in & got GREAT spots - there was nobody over to the right where the barrier ended & so we ended up right at the edge of the barrier between that & a large speaker - as the show progressed & AFI came on we got pusghed forwarded & end up inside he barrier leaning on a big equipment box that Jade & Davey & occasionally Hunter kept jumping on so I had a GREAT view all night! And it seemed to be the only route backstage so all the opening bands & some of AFI's crew especially Smith, RJ & Allister kept coming through as well as various backstage visitors like wanna-be MySpace-celebrity Jeffree Star.

Take the Crown came on first - this is the 3rd time I've seen them & I swear they just suck the life out of the room. They are boring as hell emo boys. Next up were Dear & Departed who were MUCH better - Amelia's friend Spooky who I met last summer at Warped where he was doing merch for Avenged Sevenfold plays guitar for them. A couple of the other guys looked REALLY familiar & it took me a while to place them but they used to be in Day of Contempt who I saw last summer opening for Tiger Army.

And finally - AFI! They had a new background like the one on their official website with a white background & black tree silhouettes painted on with the new logo, Adam's drum kit now sports the new triple rabbit logo. The crowd understandably went NUTS when they came on and they looked & sounded great - totally back in form! And the high point of the night for me was when Davey made a special introduction for "a friend of theirs who'd been there since the beginning and was practically another member of the band" and brought on Nick 13 to join them on "A Single Second" - since I've seen Davey twice come onstage with Tiger Army my dearest wish was to see Nick sing with AFI and I finally got it!

I wish I'd had a camera but unfortunately they weren't allowed & I didn't want to risk smuggling in my Coolpix.... other people did tho & there are a lot posted on the AFI board -


and a whole photobucket worth-


One of Nick 13 onstage here -


AFI setlist:
Intro (Miseria Cantare)
Leaving Song Pt 2
Dancing Through Sunday
Ever and a Day
Miss Murder
A Single Second (with Nick 13!!!!)
Bleed Black
The Boy Who destroyed the World
Silver and Cold
Kill Caustic (new song!)
File 13
Despair Factor
Rabbits Are Roadkill
This Time Imperfect
Days of the Phoenix
Girls Not Grey
Total Immortal

Death of Seasons (with Brandon from Bleeding Through joining on vocals)
God Called In Sick Today

After the show I picked up one of the new "Where are the Five Flowers?" shirts & pre-ordered the new album from Smartpunk's booth & got a free poster (which Mary will be sending on since I didn't have a mailing tube & didn't want it crushed in my suitcase)

Ran into both James Meza and Jeff Roffredo from Tiger Army too, great to see them again, told them I'd see 'em at Hootenanney, Jeff almost seemed a little surprized I wouldn't be coming to the UK for the Morrissey shows but I explained I had to start a new job & he understood that, espe the "more money" part!

I had an amazing time and it was SOOOOO worth flying out there even for such a short there&back kinda trip. Sigh, I hated to leave, I love visiting LA, its become like my 2nd home.

very cool AFI tat!

Asia, Amelia & Kristin!

Amelia with Omar & a friend of his

I hope he doesn't get this signature tattooed on! ;)

Happy amelia

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