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what a week!

Meant to get alot more done last night but came home from the gym after working out about 7 PM & just FELL over & woke up at 4 AM with my leg throbbing... boy was I beat!

I started my new job on Monday, its been crazy busy there and there is so much to learn, they are having me sign up for about a dozen training classes but hey this is good (besides at my last job they had NO budget for training aside from their mandatory remedial classes on crap like "how to answer the phone" and "how to write an email"), of course half the week has been the frustration of trying to sign up for things & being in the wrong system & listed under the old Institute and having to find the right people to call to get everything switched over.

So I'll be taking a basic Project Officers course, one in Government Ethics and a ton on various computer systems and databases, it will be a busy summer! Its a lot more work than my last job & a much bigger challenge but they are treating me with a lot more respct and are obviously very glad to have me and its so much easier to work harder when the people around you tell you "its a challenge but we know you are very intelligent and very capable" rather than having any incentive at my old job that treated everybody like pieces of used furniture. I need to dress better since I'm in the director's office (at my old office I got away with jeans & sneakers everyday) but I got some very nice gothy long black skirts to wear & some comfy flat shoes and a nice businessy jacket which will cover up my sleeves.

My old job tried one last way to stiff me - I'm not sure it was intentional but I'm glad I caught it, when they transferred my time card my 4 hour time off award was missing! And when I asked the old job's timekeeper what was up their response was "well I transferred it so I don't have access to those records anymore". Thankfully it showed upon my last payslip & I had the notice of personal action listing it so my new administrative officer was able to re-enter it & we had a good laugh over those idjits & how cheap they were & how insulting it was that your performance award for working hard all year was a measley 4 hours off and no wonder everybody is leaving that organization in DROVES. (Heck for 2004 they gave me a whole 3 days off!) The new performance plan I signed tells you up front what to expect if you meet the criteria for "Fully Succesful" and it is more like 3% of your annual earnings which would be around $1,700 - a helluva lot better than an afternoon off!!!

Think I'll go back to bed for now, weekend will be busy, Geoff sent me some great web graphics so I'll be redoing the Viva Hate site & on Sunday I'm taking a class offered by Nikon called Next Steps in Digital Photography - Streamlined Workflow Techniques at the Marriott up by BWI airport - it looked pretty interesting & deals with strictly digital functions.
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