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DVD orgy :)

So Judy and I have plundered thru the local Blockbuster & Hollywood video used DVD sections & have returned with a big stack due to some decent sales (3 for $25 on some, 4 for $20 on others) -

ones I missed in the theater-
Brokeback Mountain
Good Night & Good Luck

ones I already saw & loved-
Walk the Line
Corpse Bride
Bubba Ho-Tep

Was OK but found really cheap -
Constantine (still better than I expected & Tilda Swinton was great in it)

and Recommended for Various Reasons-
Steamboy (from the director of Akira)
Garage Days (low budget Aussie flick, first by Alex proyas, director of the Crow and Dark City)
The Lost Skeleton of Cadavera (looks like it wants to be Ed Wood SO bad!)

I kidded that if we are holed up for weeks due to bird flue we wouldn't be bored. Then I decided that if that happened you'd have to design the appropriate video fest -

How about...
The Last man On Earth
The Omega man
The Stand (mini series)
The Andromeda Strain
28 Days Later

..I am sure I'll think of some more, I'm being lazy :)
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