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very very creepy....

And since I obviously don't have any movies to watch (LOL!), I went tonght to the Rio and saw Silent Hill & am glad I caught it while it was still in the theater. Even tho I was a bit hesitant to see a movie based on a video game I'd heard enough good buzz to pique my interest and was overall pleased with it (minus some really dumb dialogue like "something terrible happened here" - Like DUHHHH!)

It was really atmospherically creepy & disturbing, really great cinematograohy & visual effects, the best way I can describe it is like watching a nightmare and it looks like if "Carnival of Souls" was remade in the style of your average Tool video by somebody who really liked the most disturbing scenes of se7en. Glad to see they didn't try and force the typical Hollywood happy ending on and what they used flew over the heads of at least some of the audience :)

Then came home & caught the live webcast of AFI's performance at the KROQ weenie roast....sigh, too bad I couldn't have been there but IMHO not worth flying back cross country for a short set & having to pay $$$$ to scaplers for tix (my friends in SoCal who tried to get them the moment they wenty on sale all got shut out but there were plenty on ebay!), I'll hang in & see 'em again June 24 in Philly - whee!!

Meanwhile I'll head down to Nation on Thursday night as they are having a listening party for the new AFI album Decemberunderground to come out on 6-6-06 - if you pre order the album there you'll get a free CD with a non album track so gotta get that for the collection :) Really looking forward to the album!
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