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I love free wifi : )

Normally it would be a boring work day sitting here in the Chevy Chase Holiday Inn's "Palladian Center" room babysitting one of NIH's review meetings (basically plunking down little folders & some pens & pencils by everybody's seat, then waiting a day and a half for everybody to discuss the grants and then collecting their scoresheets). So I brought my laptop to fart around on and discovered the wireless automatically connected so presto, I can check my email & update my web page - whoo hoo!! (Of course it probably also means that our esteemed reviewers are probably only paying halfway attention to the rants while they surf the web as everybody has their own laptop) I finally uploaded the Tiger Army pix from Providence to my site (dark as they are there are still some I like) and pondering expanding the site a lot to a much bigger fan site than merely photos since the offish one is barely ever updated. Less than 3 weeks now 'til I head out to California - I am soooo looking forward to that!

Hmm, the fellow who works here just stopped by to give me a coupon for a free lunch. And he looked & sounded remarkably like Jude Law - talk about my cheap thrill of the day : ) (Definitely beats Mr. Bad Toupee head at the Bethesda Holiday Inn) My days is even better LOL!

Happy to hear that Chris Isaak is coming to the 9:30 club in December so got tickets for that as it will prolly sell out quick...hot damn, I've been listening to him since the late 80s and have never seen him in concert so I am looking forward to, what a gorgeous voice he has, I'd definitely rank "Wicked Game" as one of my top 5 songs of all time! Damn who isn't touring these days? Nick Cave better get his ass on the road soon as his new album is great!
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