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where last I left off....

So spent last Friday night @ Mary's house in Orange County & Saturday we went shopping - hit the Torrid in Westminster mall & I got a really pretty black lace corset top made by Tripp & a neat thick molded black headband so I could wear my hair down without it getting in my face. Then we drove up to Hollywood & checked out the La Luz De Jesus gallery (which I've read about for years in Juxtapoz but never had a chance to visit before) up in Silver lake & the amazing attached book/toy/cool stuff store Wacko's which was compleytely overwhelming...everything from tiki mugs & weird art toys to originals by Alan Forbes & prints by people like Glenn Barr & Robert Williams & an amazing selection of art books. Mary managed to drag me out after about an hour & a few book purchases... Many many thanks to Geoff for insisting I check out Wackos!!

Since it would be a late night we grabbed a hotel room in Hollywood for the night & checked in and met up with our friend Oblivia (Blivvy) from the 7th House Danzig board & got a nice dinner at a cute little courtyard restaurant on Sunset called the Cat & the Fiddle (really good food & not too expensive, they had especially wonderful appetizer of lightly breaded & fried veggies not at all greasy - just needed more mushrooms!!)

From there Blivvy went to a favrorite bar to watch a paer per view fight & Mary and I headed up to the Henry Fonda theater for another show. Caught Viva Hate again, even better than at the troubador & on a larger stage, I got some GREAT shots there!!


They were followed up by Plan 9 who were a really fun Misfits tribute band - they went the whole 9 yards & dressed just like Glenn, Jerry & Doyle (with a generic ghoulish looking drummer but then hey the 'fits went through so many drummers anyhow!) The singer needs to shave but he had a pretty nice voice & sang the old classics well & they were a lot of fun to watch - you could almost squint our eyes & pretend you were watching the read deal - besides, aside from seeing Doyle perform with Glenn this is prolly as close as we'll ever get! (See what you missed Blivvy!)

In between bands we checked out the merch booths - the Henry Fonda has a nice rooftop bar & some vendors had booths set up there & in the balcony. Ran into Daniel DeLeon & Troy from Rezurex hanging out & talked to Kamilla & Stephanie for a while at the Viva Hate booth & nabbed some shirts, buttons & stickers.

Last but not least up were German psychobillies Mad Sin who are an amazing band, especially cool to see them now that Peter Sandorf, formerly of the Nekromantix is now their new guitarist - Nekro Pete is now Mad Pete! Kofte is as scary looking as ever but they put ona great show. They came on really late, about 12:30 and played 'til nearly 2 in the morning and the show was taped so should be coming out on DVD :) Had more fun with the camera (natch!) and got lotsa pix -

From there it was a quick late snack at Dennys & we fell over as soon as we got back to the room! (Liz too tired to even check email or download off camera!)

Here's Plan 9 in action -

And more Viva Hate -

and some Mad Sin -

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