Elizabeth (sistinas) wrote,

last Sunday in Corona

Then Sunday Mary headed home to her pad in the mountains & I went down to Corona for the last pf the 3 Viva Hate weekend shows at the Showcase Theater in Corona. When I arrived I was happy to see the Black Rose Phantoms, who I've seen several times before opening for Tiger Army, had been added to the bill to replace the Skunks who had to cancel due to a death in the family of one of the members.

It was another fun show with BRP & Viva Hate who I swear just keep getting better & better, it is hard to believe this was only their 3rd show. Singer Matt reminds me a lot of Henry Rollins on stage in his manner & delivery and it is so cool to watch geoff on upright again :) Amelia came down for the show & brought Stacie along & Louie & Clairissa came too! After VH I went upstairs to the merch & said bye to Stephanie but couldn't find Kamilla, by that point it was REALLY hot inside so I skipped out on seeing the Sladerin & Mad Sin (figuring I'd be miserable & having trouble breathing in the heat if I stayed inside) & instead we went out back & hung out talking for quite a while with Geoff, Chad & Matt for a while & also Scraps (the drummer) from the Black Rose Phantoms. Talked collecting & vinyls with Matt - sigh, it takes a vinyl geek to truly understand a fellow collector :) Eventually pulled myself away so I could head back to OC at a decent hour to get some sleep as I had an early flight home. I had such a great time & am so glad I was able to make it out, will see Geoff & Kamilla a month from now at Hootenanney which should be a lotta fun!

Viva Hate pix here -

And the Black Rose Phantoms here -

Viva Hate guitarist Eric Razo & his beautiful girlfriend, model Emily Marilyn -

Viva Hate merch booth -

And Stephanie manning the merch -

pix from the show -

And The Black Rose Phantoms -

Hanging out after the show -

Amelia & Geoff -

Amelia & Chad -
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