Elizabeth (sistinas) wrote,

tuesday of the beast....

I thought this cartoon from www.bendependent.com was pretty damn funny -

Sadly you can put me in that "oh wait its a Tuesday" category or I'd be trying to make it to this show -

Man I can only imagine what that will be like... just trying to imagine what Danzig & Hank3 will do together....will it be a set of Misfits tunes like Assjack often play? Or dare I hope that Glenn might sing some of Hank Sr.'s tunes? Oh man could you imagine him crooning to "The Angel of Death"? And 45 Grave at the Alkaline Trio boys would be like icing on the cake... the devil always gets the best tunes ;)

At least I can go pick up my pre-ordered copies of the new AFI album "December Underground" that come out on 6/6/06 even though my copy of the UK pressing that was released last Monday in the UK arrived in today's mail so I have it early - yay!!!
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