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That will be tonight's show at Nissan Pavillian - gonna see Bauhaus & Nine Inch Nails tonight...what an amazing double bill! (ALMOST as cool as when Trent opened for Bowie a few years back!) Truthfully if it hgas been just one of them I might have passed what with everything else coming up as I'd seen both bands a couple times each last fall but together was too much to pass up, especially as I was able to get pit tickets thru the NIN fan club The Spiral. So I'm going to take the afternoon off work & pick Paula up (she's also getting off early) & then we'll drive down to Manassas & have a leisurely lunch & head over to the venue which beat sthe hell out of leaving later in the day & sitting in rush hour hell on I-66 like the last time we saw NIN there. Ought to be a good one :)

Seriously the traffic here in the DC area is so hellish that if I have to be anywhere on the other side of the beltway anywhere remotely around dinner time I just take half a day off & head over early & have lunch or shop or whatever. Much less stressful....

More shows on the horizon..still trying to decide if I should shell out the $$ to see Ministry & RevCo at the 9:30 next week on the 21st but I will definitely road trip up to Philly on the 24th to see AFI at the Electric Factory, then coming back Sunday, working Monday & the 26th after work I'm driving down to Raleigh with Judy to make it to the Warped Show AFI is playing on the 27th (also hope to get to see I Am Ghost again there as they are playing the Smartpunk stage), then after that we'll head to Myrtle Beach for the AFI show at the HOB there on the 28th. The 29th I drive home, then on the 30th I'll work most of theday, cut out early & fly out to LA after work for the Hootenanney festival in Irvine on July 1st (featuring Tiger Army, the Horrorpops, Reverend Horton Heat, the Living End, Flogging Molly, Calavera, Wanda Jackson & a bunch more bands). Then since I got that monday off & Tuesday is a holiday (4th of July) I'll just chill out for a couple days & hopefully get a chance to visit my friend Kristen & fly home on the 4th. Gonna be pretty crazy!!!

With all these shows coming up I got some new photo goodies to play with... got a 70-300mm Nikon zoom for my D70 that I thought might be fun outdoors at Hootenanney, also got a LowePro camera case as I've outgrown my other (all the lenses & flash won't fit in it anymore so I have to keep rotating which is a pain!) & picked up a couple of 2 gig compact flash & SD cards as they were on sale :) I also wanted to pick up a better point & shoot for those times when I can't use my DSLR (like if I can't manage to get a photo pass to Warped this year...) so after a lot of research & looking around I ordered a Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ1. Didn't know a darned thing about Panasonic's digitals but was intrigued when I saw it had a 10x optical zoom like the Nikon S4 I was considering & then found out that Leica is making the lenses for these & it has a high ISO (up to 1600) which will be great for convcert shots (esp as the Nikon only went to 400) I played with one a bit over in Circuit City & it had a very large clear view screen on the back, sensible controls/menu & felt solid & well made so looking forward to that getting here.
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