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i still recall the taste of your tears.....

So I got off work early yesterday & picked up Paula & we drove down to Manassas & had a nice leisurely lunch at TGI Fridays rather than leave later & sit in traffic. Then we headed over to Nissan Pavillion as we weren't quite sure when they'd let us start lining up. Luckily since I was in the Spiral they were letting Spiral members park & get in line :)

After a bit they had us line up by the nearest gate & split the lines for Premium Spiral fan club members, “regular” members & everybody else at another gate. they'd let us into the parking lots since I'd read on the NIN board that it would open at 4 PM - - I stopped at the gate and asked & first they said they were closed & then said "wait, are you in the fan club" and when I said yes they asked to see my card & I whipped out my cool little black & silver Spiral membership card & they waved me in to the close-in parking lot. There were about 50 people already in line but we were still able to grab a nice spot in the shade & chill out for a bit – ran into Jennifer from VA who I see at nearly every show in the area (last saw her at NIN in Philly in November) & hung out with her and her friend for a while & she’ll also be at the Philly AFI show :)

There was also a smaller group that was let in ahead of us that had won a radio contest for DC101 that was supposed to be for some special concert & there was some grumbling from the Spiral members about radio winners getting in & non the fan club but then low & behold they let in all the premium level members in early & we got wristbands for the pit & lined up inside the gates. After a few more minutes they marched everybody down into the pit area of the amphitheater & it was nice & orderly so that the folks at the very front of the line got the primo spots. We ended up to the left of the stage but right on the rail so NO complaints there :)

And soon, to our surprise, the members of TV on the Radio came onstage – sound check, I wondered? Nope, it turned out we were also privy to the special DC101 Radio show set as well and TV on the Radio were joined by none other than Trent Reznor AND Peter Murphy! And they sang together along with TV on the Radio on one of their songs “Dreams” & followed it up with a cover of Pere Ubu’s “Final Solution” (which Peter Murphy had previously covered on his first solo album) and then of all crazy things, they started playing “Bela Lugosi’s Dead” and Trent sang while Peter Murphy brought out a bowl & started pulling blood red rose petals out of the bowl & tossing them at Trent. I totally lost it laughing & was so amused & happy, this alone was incredible to watch & worth the price of admission right there! It was so cool for them to do that & they seemed to be having a lot of fun!!

I tell ya, joining the Spiral was SOOOO worth it!

“Secret show” over we chilled out & waited, I got us some fresh squeezed lemonade & checked out the merch - nabbed a Bauhaus tour shirt (with a bat on the front - what else?) and a limited CD single of "Bela" signed by all 4 (most illegibly I might add). Eeventually the other folks were let in & the place started filling up. TV on the Radio came on first, they weren’t bad, might be worth picking up their CD.

But next up was the immortal Bauhaus and they were absolutely amazing. Peter Murphy has dyed his hair dark brown from the pale grey it was last fall & he looked so much younger…he came out wearing a black velvet Victorian type long frock coat over a wing tipped collared shirt & a classy cravat while Danny Ash looked like some mad glam queen in black leather pants, black sleeveless shirt, a white fur vest & white wraparound shades with his hair tied up in a top knot. They were tight & rocked hard – this show while shorter than the ones last fall blew them out of the water… I wonder if maybe what they needed was a little competition as they’d had no opener band with them last fall… maybe Pete got his little act back in gear & decided “let’s show these kids what WE can do” & did their best to outdo NIN? Whatever it worked, they put on an absolutely AMAZING set including a couple of brand new songs (the first new songs from them in what, 23 years????)

Bauhaus setlist: (more-or-less from memory, I think I am missing one before Silent Hedges)

Double Dare
In the Flat Field
God In an Alcove
She's In Parties
Adrenaline (new!!)
Silent Hedges
Endless Summer of the Damned (new!!)
Rosegarden Funeral of Sores
Stigmata Martyr
Ziggy Stardust

They closed with Ziggy like true rock stars amidst the fog & dry ice, as they walked offstage Murphy said into the Mike “Daniel Ash… Kevin Haskins… David J…and ME!”)

Another short wait for setup & then NIN exploded onstage with an amazing lighting setup – hanging in the front of the stage was a cagelike curtain with Trent hanging through some of the bars… later the same bars would be used with programmed LED lights flashing patterns scattered over them, I hate to see their lighting bill but damn it was impressive… Trent was in fine form (vocally & buff as Rollins looking) and the band sounded great, we were over in front of Jeordie-formerly Twiggy Ramirez ex-of Marilyn Manson and great to see him running in circles & banging his head as crazily as ever. (Oh man has it REALLY been 10 years since I went & saw those guys down in New Orleans while they were finishing up AntiChrist Superstar & recruiting for a new guitarist and we hung out at Trent’s studio on Magazine street for the day? How time has flown…)

And they made me REALLY happy by playing a lot of old stuff – FIVE songs off Pretty Hate Machine (Sin, Terrible Lie, an AMAZING Something I Can Never Have, Down In It & Head Like a Hole as the closer), four from Broken (Wish, Gave Up, Help Me I Am In Hell & Suck) & a couple from Downward Spiral – yay! And the amazing Joy Division cover of “Dead Souls” from the soundtrack to the Crow….

Utterly fantastic show (even if NIN wasn’t quite as freaking amazing as Bauhaus)

NIN setlist:

Somewhat Damaged
Know What You Are
Terrible Lie
March of the Pigs
Something I Can Never Have
Gave Up
Help Me I Am In Hell
La Mer
Into The Void
The Big Come Down
Dead Souls
Down In It
The Hand that Feeds
Head Like A Hole

Pix from last night:


damn I want Rob Sheridan's job..... I'd happily do it for any band I like, doesn't have to be NIN =)
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