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Art day! (Marty we still miss ya something fierce!)

Just got back from the post office after picking up my latest ebay score - thrilled to find one of of Martin (a/k/a Marty Fuckin') Emond's tattoo flash style paintings being sold by a fellow who bought it at Marty's last gallery show at the Barracuda on Melrose shortly before his death. So happy to find it, its next to impossible to find any of his work and this is only the 2nd I've been able to snag, the other piece being a page from one of the Lobo comics.

He was an AMAZING comic artist - obviously influenced very much by Simon Bisley but with a style even more unique and bizarre if that is possible. First saw his work on Glenn Danzig's Verotik comics where he did a lot of the covers & got a chance to meet him at the San Diego Comic Con in '95 where I had the pleasure of spending much of an evening hanging out with him in the bar at the Doubletree Hotel - he was young, funny, cute (looked a bit like a young David Bowie) with some cool tattoos (including Calvin & Hobbes) & was just incredibly talented. I was absolutely devastated to hear of his suicide in March of 2004, especially after hearing that he was apprenticing to become a tattoo artist at the time. What I wouldn't have given to let him loose with needles on my bod.

Needless to say this painting will be treasured.

One of these days when I settle on a design I am gonna definitely going to get a tattoo of one of his drawings.

His website & memorial -

A good article on him (PDF) -


I found some examples of his flash -

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