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I am completely out of control.....

OK so HOW many times this year have there been Danzig shows scheduled and then cancelled? 2? 3? and how bummed was I when I bought tickets for a Dec 2nd show in Philly at the Troc that got canned?

So now I find out that he is supposed to do 2 shows at the end of the year, Dec 28th at the Joint at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas and then Dec 30th at the Wiltern Theater in LA.... with Bleeding Through & a couple other bands opening (much better IMHO than the aborted "Blackest of the Black" thingie with a bunch of uber black metal bands like Mayhem - much as I wanted to see Danzig I wasn't thrilled at the thought of having to survive all that first) and best of all, Doyle is supposed to join him onstage for a 20 minute set of Misfits songs. This could be the closest I could ever come to seeing a Misfits reunion. I mean I've seen Danzig play live EIGHTY freaking times since 1990 and I've never heard him do one damn Misfits song in concert. (no the Samhain version of Halloween II doesn't count)

The closest I came so far was in the summer of 1993 when he played the Ritz Theater in Atlanta when Genitorturers were opening and the theater got hit by lightning before the show (no kidding...) and the air conditioner got knocked out for the night so by the time Danzig came onstage it was well over 100 degrees in there & I was on the barrier & passed out & woke up in the alley outside the venue where security had dragged me to be safe and heard them inside playing "London Dungeon" (probably a review of the night) and there I was OUTSIDE and I missed it & cried my eyes out for DAYS.

So what does crazy Liz do? Well I got 2 general admission tickets for the Wiltern show thru the presale last night (link on offish Danzig site - password is "hellmask") and emailed Kristen to ask how she'd feel about a 'fits reunion (more or less)... the Vegas one isn't on sale yet but I made a hotel reservation for that night at the Hard Rock (midweek special only $69 and that place is like $250 a night for the weekends usually! Nice rooms too, I remember visiting Pat Briggs there when Makeup did the Halloween show in '98 when Jen and I stayed at the Luxor which while still pretty steep was still considerably cheaper than the Hard Rock...)

I'm kinda scared with the Danzig track record that they might get scratched but what the fuck, if I'm stranded in Vegas for the night I could always go see Cirque Du Soliel or do something better than sitting in the hotel, right? So I'm looking into airfares, found $39 via Southwest from Vegas to LA but now hoping for a good deal on here to Vegas and back from LA to here.

Guess I'd better pull out some more stuff to throw on ebay to pay for THIS expedition as well. I just sometimes feel like I'm completely out of control and giving into all my indulegences (how truly satanic of me).... like I keep trying to run away from my life or at least keep myself so busy that I don't sit down for twenty minutes and think about how lonely I am. Traveling by myself so much lately I realize how much I miss going with a bunch of friends like I used to back in the old road trip days before everybody veered off into different directions. But if it comes down to go alone or don't go, well I'd hate to miss out and there is nothing worse than sitting at home wishing you were somewhere else. I really try and live to have no regrets.

I've just been crashing a lot lately and feeling kinda depressed, work has been stressful and I feel so damn alone, just hanging in there by looking forward to my upcoming trip over Thanksgiving - less than 2 weeks from now & I'll be out in California : ) Talked to Kristen yesterday & she's really looking forward to my visit also, she got a couple more days off work so even tho she's gotta work the day before Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving itself and the Sunday after she's now also free Mon & Tues so she can go to 3 of the Social D/Tiger Army shows with me (Fri/Sat/Mon) and the 12 Step Rebels party on Tues : ) She absolutely insists that we MUST find a way to meet Mike Ness (or as she calls him rather jokingly "My Future Husband Mike Ness")

Ya know, this is the first time in recent memory I've looked FORWARD to the Holidays!
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