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Back from the Carolinas....

Left Monday to head down to Raleigh; I originally planned to leave after work & drive down but we got hit by torential rain so I erred on the side of caution & took the afternoon off work to leave early & I glad I did - hit lots of rain and traffic & it took for-bloody-ever. XM Satelite radio helps some :) Judy & I stayed at a very nice Comfort Suites near the Altell Pavillion & headed over to Warped early the next morning & got in as the gates opened since with Warped you never know whowill be on when until you get there. And with my luck we found out I am Ghost was on at 3:45 that afternoon & AFI at 7 PM... which meant a whole lotta sitting around.

And the rain hit - HARD. We sat it out over several hours at a nice little table near the food vendors with a huge umbrella overhead & watched everybody get soaked. Much like this:

Thankfully it cleared up in time to see I Am Ghost - they did a signing at the Epitaph booth & I got another copy of their EP "We Are Always Searching" & they gave us some posters & signed them - they even remembered me as the photographer from the Tiger Army tour and said they'd very very happy to get some from Warped :)

I Am Ghost at the signing -

I got some REALLY nice shots of them with my new Lumix which has a much faster shutter than my old Coolpix 5200 -

Posted a bunch here:


After they played we wandered over to the main stages & watched the Buzzcocks and Anti Flag. After Anti Flag's set I worked my way up to the rail even tho AFI wouldn't play for another hour and a half but I got a pretty good spot over on Jade's side; the downside was I missed seeing Joan Jett on the other main stage but you can't do everything :(

It rained again but thankfully cleared in time for AFI tho it was very dark & unfortunately that didn't make for great photos - sigh... what I wouldn't have given for them to be as nice as the I Am Ghost ones but at least a few came out pretty decent - I had trouble with the lighting tho as the sun was setting behind them which created a weird shadow. Should have tried for Hunter's side if I'd been thinking clearly upfront - whoops!

Their set unfortunately was plagued with problems - the PA kept cutting out in the middle of songs & you wouldn't hear them but you'd hear the whole audience still singing along. And about 2/3 of the way into their 30 min set Davey stopped ths show as he saw some kid getting hurt in the pit & made everybody stop moving & called the medics & stood there until they were able to rescue the kid and Move him out. By then they just had time for one more song & they did a great job on "Totalimmortal"....as the PA cut out again! Argh!

I bought a ton of new AFI shit & said hi to Fritch at the merch booth, met a very cool gal with neat tattoos (Tiger Army, AFI, Bauhaus, Sisters of Mercy, Nekromantix, VNV + Tim Burton's voodoo gal!) & she klet me take some pix of her TA tats for the Ghosttigers site. Said goodbye to I Am Ghost & promised to mail them photos & got a nice hug from Steve & we left & got into the car, changed into dry clothes & headed down to Myrtle Beach!

AFI pix here -


a very cool Salvador Dali tattoo:

Steve's cool new I Am Ghost tattoo:
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