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Counting the days....

Just think, a week from today I'll be in sunny California - I am SOOOOO looking forward to my trip, work has been very stressful and just having a good reward gives me something to focus on and help me get through the day! Almost to the point of counting down the hours and getting very excited! And meanwhile I'm already planning my next big trip after that as I definitely decided on hitting both Danzig shows and ordered my Las Vegas ticket yesterday when they went on sale. (I swear, I'm like a shark, gotta keep moving or I die) - after that I should be sitting at home recovering (and paying down the Visa card!) for a few months though it looks like all my favs will be touring in 2005 : )

Got a good deal on a Southwest flight from Vegas to LA but need the other legs still, shopping for a good deal which is hard to find this time of year due to the Holidays but I'm having success with my ebay auctions for a few horse figurines out of my collection to finance my madness. OK so maybe I've spent waaaay too much $$ on them over the last few years but when I'm able to sell most of them for double what I paid I don't feel so bad about it!

I've pretty much decided to stay out there for New Year's eve since if I got to the Dec 30th LA Danzig show I'll miss seeing VNV Nation here in DC but it turns out their New Year's Eve show is in LA so I might as well just fly back on New Year's day and stay that extra day so I can see them too rather than miss them. Plus it solves the old problem of "Liz is depressed because she's sitting at home alone on New Year's eve convinced everybody else is out there having fun". Sheesh I swear my trips get crazier and crazier as I piggyback on more shows! Hope I can find somebody to drag with me to the VNV show as I hate going alone (unfortunately Kristen will be out of town for New Year's). At least there are a lot of people from the 7th House Danzig message board going to the two Danzig shows (several others traveling to both) so hopefully I can meet up with some of them and hang out at those shows - I figure if I meet anybody else crazy enough to travel far for a few shows I already have some common interests to talk about with, riiight? Plus i'm sure I'll see Devilman138 (who runs the 7th House site) who I haven't seen in a few years since I was out in LA with Pat in 98 I think...

And to give me a project for over the winter I've decided to greatly expand my Tiger Army fan site from just a photo archive and aim for making it the ultimate fan site - AFI have so many but there are few for TA and none very impressive. So I'll add on a more complete discography (picked up some oddball things lately like all the Japanese releases), busy writing a FAQ and anything else I can think of and I just got a custom domain name for it so once it is up & running it will be www.ghosttigers.com (in the meanwhile I'll link it back to the current one once the account is set up). Always gotta channel my mania somewhere constructively.... And to think it was just about a year ago that I first saw them in concert & this obsession took off like crazy -I'd been a big fan of the music before I saw them but after that fateful first show at the Electric Factory on 11/13/2003 and then getting to meet them 10 days later in Cleveland I went totally off the deep end. Girls gotta have a hobby she says (after 27 shows with 5 more to come in the next two weeks!)

Latest project has been CD ripping like crazy... I succumbed to iPod mania and got one of their competitor's MP3 players - a Creative Labs "Nomad Jukebox Zen Xtra" which is about the size of a small cassette player & has a 40 Meg hard drive. It blows my mind that this little walkman thingie has 80 times the hard drive space of the first PC I bought in 1995. I swear they just keep making better & better toys. I've been loading albums on it like there's no tomorrow and have over 350 whole albums on there now & still have about half the space free. Also got a little FM radio transmitter so I can play it through the car stereo which should make it a wonderful travel companion for roadtrips in my car or playing thru rental cars and I won't need to lug lots of CDs with me everywhere. What's great is that in going through my CD collection I am rediscovering so many things I love but haven't listened to in a while and it strikes me how eclectic my range is : ) I've got everything from Hank Williams to Prodigy on there now. More music is good.
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