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This heat will be the death of me yet....

Yesterday it hit 99 degrees but felt hotter - I didn't even make it into work as I was having so much trouble breathing so I stayed home in order to be closer to the nebulizer & slept most of the day in my dark cool room with the fan on full blast accompanied by one large fluffy Maine Coon Cat - poor Spooky is just miserable in the heat & desparate to escape it so he's taken over my bed (what else is new?). Even tho our air conditioner is on full blast it hardly feels like it makes a dent since the hot air rises from the floors below us.

I made it in to work today & hopefully it won't be so bad later as it was yesterday tho this heatwave is expected to last most of the week. REALLY hope it lets up by the weekend as I'm heading up to northern NJ to meet up with Mary & 'Blivvy & go see Steve Zing's band Doomtree along with Dead Rites in a club in Clifton, NJ (near Connections where I used to go see Eeerie Von's band Bighouse & where I saw Doomtree for Halloween 2 years back)

Man if it isn't cooler next week I'll skip the Pittsburgh Warped show & just wait for the Cleveland AFI show. Meanwhile I got floor tickets for the 2 September AFI shows with Tiger Army (San Francisco on Sept 9 & Long Beach on Sept 15) but gotta work on the travel logistics - will prolly fly out to SF and back home & then back to LAX the following weekend rather than try stay out all week (much as I would like to)

What I wouldn't give for a nice cold front right now. Hmmm a pina colada smoothie could do wonders for the psyche.
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