Elizabeth (sistinas) wrote,

Art coming soon :)

Sold off a few more horse figurines from my collection in order to pay off these two Simon Bisley "Satanika" pages I've had on layaway - woot! Can't wait to see them in person!

forgot to mention (edit: July 19) - also getting a couple of Verotik color guides that are photocopies of the original art hand colored & signed by Glenn Danzig! Don't have a pic of the one that goes with the top Bisley page but also getting these two:

Rogues Gallery of Villains pg. 15 Cat Girls (Simon Bisley art)

Rogues Gallery of Villains pg. 10 X'Alpen Pin Up (Martin Emond art)

Michael still has lots of art left....
Tags: biz, comic art, simon bisley, verotik
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