Elizabeth (sistinas) wrote,

a nice surprize

A few days ago we had a meeting with our travel aggency where they came and gave a demonstration of their new reporting tool. The next morning the assistant of the travel agency's President called in a blind panic that the company president had apparently lost his organizer & asked if I could look and see if he'd left it here. I searched the building & found it still sitting on a table in the cafeteria where he'd left it the day before & fedexed it off.

Look what arrived the next day in thanks :) I got a call from the front desk & was told there was a delivery - I went down & the guard handed me this and I thought there must be a mistake until I read the card. That was awfully sweet of him.

I wish I was in Pittsburgh now to see AFI at Warped like i'd originally planned but I was just too tired to try & attempt the 5 hour drive there, be out all day & drive back another 5 hours as I gotta be in work tomorrow so that I can take off Monday & Tuesday but at least then I can roadtrip on out to Cleveland for the show at the Agora (indoors in a nice club!)

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