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best new show I've seen since the Venture Brothers!

"The Amazing Screw On Head"

Caught this animated pilot on the SCiFi channel last night that is done from the Mike Mignolia comic & is one of the coolest things I've seen - great to see something so fresh and different and the ENTIRE thing is totally done in Mignolia's style.

The plot is kinda hard to describe - imagine a steampunk alternate reality US in Abe Lincoln's time when in time of trouble from various weird & supernatural forces President Lincoln calls on the Amazing screw on head to save the day... "Screw On" looks like a disembodies C-3P0 and his manservant Mr Groin assists him in selecting the right robotic bodies to do the deed & off they go... last night they battled Emperor Zombie (a former manservant from years past now zombiefied (remember, "intelligent people should be cremated for the public safety") and Screw On's former love-of-his-life Patience who is now an evil vampiress.

The dialog is very witty and the visuals are great - I HIGHLY recommend this one and am really glad I happened to catch it - you can watch it on the SciFi network's website (haven't tried myself but there is a link there)

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