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Found - one missing bass player

Happy to report that Geoff Kresge has resurfaced after quitting Tiger Army at the end of the Warped tour - they've just announced him as the new guitarist for The Horrorpops to replace Karsten. It will be weird to see him on an electric guitar instead of stand up bass but hopefully things will be easier for him since he won't be separated from his sweetie - I am sure that part of the friction earlier this year was due to both Tiger Army and Horrorpops being on the road not necessarily at the same time so he didn't see Kamilla for months at a time. Funny to think of Horrorpops as having two married couples!

Sigh, I guess it was beyond hope that he might rejoin Tiger Army - I miss him lots and lots. Jeff Roffredo is certainly an excellent bass player but Geoff had so much personality plus he was always so nice to me. (so was Fred, he was such a sweetie, there are so few guys that make me feel comfortable enough around them that I can just hug them but Fred was one). As it turns the Horrorpops are playing in LA on Dec 3 - two days after I leave but unfortunately there's no way I could stay out there longer, sigh! Hopefully I'll get to see them sometime soon, I'm still bummed that they had to cancel their Baltimore show last May when their van broke down. It would be awesome if they could tour with Nekromantix. Hey maybe I'll get lucky & run into them at the 12 Step Rebels show : )

I feel kinda like I did when Twiggy quite Marilyn Manson & joined A Perfect Circle...sad to see him leave a favorite band but glad to see him quickly employeed in another of my favorites.

Better close for now & head off to the dentist so they can fix my new crown and I can chew decently again!
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