Elizabeth (sistinas) wrote,

the one time I wish I HADN'T gone to see AFI, sniff!

We left Sunday afternoon & made it out to Cleveland - not the most enjoyable ride due to some heavy thunderstorms north of Pittsburgh & at one point the road started flooding & it got kinda hairy but we made it before night & even got room "336" (which will have meaning for the more obsessive AFI fans reading this) as we checked in.

Unfortunately things went downhill from there & sadly Monday was one of the more miserable days of my life. Since Gavin posted overnight on the Despair Faction board that there would be a Meet & Greet for the first 25 Despair Faction members in line we waited in the lobby from 10 AM until the doors opened early to find the M&G was cancelled

It was easily over 100 degrees in the lobby & I nearly blacked out a few times since I was having so much trouble breathing due to my asthma, I must have looked really bad off as total strangers were fanning me off & walking up to me giving me water. Several folks said they were worried about me since my eyes looked so glazed over. I am really grateful for everybody's help & concern, the people we were in line with were all super nice.

Inside it was the hottest I can imagine as their air conditioning was broken (I heard one estimate that it was as high as 116 inside), I spent most of Dillinger Escape Plan's set in the manager's office with the Emergency Medical Tech trying to help me out as I was having an asthma attack (I can't believe as bad as the air was in there how many people were smoking on top of that), they kept bringing me water & checking my pulse & making sure I was OK, I just didn't want to end up in the emergency room & miss AFI after driving 7 hrs to get there

I barely crawled back inside to see AFI & managed to watch the set but it took everything I had just to sit there & hold myself up. I was so miserable I just wanted it to be over and I really couldn't enjoy the show as I was in so much pain from my lungs tho it was good to finally hear "Endlessly, She Said" live & so touching when they brought the paper chain out on stage. Hopefully I will get more chances to see them later in the year.

Still feeling pretty sick and now its gonna be 102 outside DC today, it was difficult breathing on the way into work, I am really dreading getting home and a bit scared.
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