Elizabeth (sistinas) wrote,

wow....just wow....

I am absolutely thrilled to add this to my art collection - its the original preliminary drawing of the cover art to one of my absolute favorite albums of all time, "The Art of Drowning" by AFI that was listed to ebay by creator Alan Forbes:

I was on pins & needles until the auction ended & so happy to get a chance to purchase the only AFI-related art he had (the band owns all the rest that survived, Forbes unfortunately lost some of the preliminaries in several moves). I've been a big fan of his work for years now & have a number of his limited silkscreen prints & one of his portfolios (plus a tattoo based on his flaming rose painting) but this is the first original in my collection.

So now I can relax :) Can't wait to receive it & I'll have to find a nice frame!!

He's also got a website up now www.alanforbes.org
Tags: afi, art
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