Elizabeth (sistinas) wrote,

why do I torture myself like this?

Argh here I am with a really nasty stomach bug & can't keep down anything more than a little gatorade & some saltines and I'm watching the Food Network? Everything looks so yummy, sigh... Maybe its because its the only channel not showing everything blowing up? (and why am I even considering flying into LAX on 9/11 anyway? I should get my head examined...)

Anyway I've been feeling rotten for a couple of days - it hid suddenly the other night & even tho I felt good enough to go into work the next day I felt so bad after a couple hours that I came right home & collapsed. It must be some sort of flu bug as I'm pretty achey and really drained. And to make matters worse I missed seeing Gary Numan at the 9:30 club which I'd been really looking forward to :( Was planning on going to Horrorfind up in Baltimore tomorrow but I'll have to play that by ear, maybe I can at least make it up Sunday. Rutger Hauer is gonna be there, it would be great to get him to sign a copy of Ladyhawke...

On a happier note at least I got my Art of Drowning art from Alan Forbes and it is really nice, need to get a matt & frame for it!
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