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Not a speck of light is showing......

So the danger must be growing
Oh, the fires of hell are glowing
Is the grisly reaper mowing?
Yes! The danger must be growing (Faster! Faster!)
For the rowers keep on rowing (Faster! Faster!)
And they're certainly not showing (Faster! Faster!)
Any signs that they are slowing (Faster! Faster!)

Stop the boat.

Caught Marilyn Manson last night at the 9:30 club in DC and it was a great show! I got in line really early & was right on the barrier in front of Tim Skold - it really wasn't rough at all up front compared to what I'm used to with previous Manson tours & certainly nothing compared to the pushing at AFI shows. Not even many crowdsurfers and none went directly over me.

But the pit got bad as some fights broke out when people tried to grab folks and throw them in the pit & they started punching (Judy and Paula were up in the balcony had a good view) and a lot of people got thrown out.

The show was great tho & they did a great variety of songs including a lot of older ones like 3 off "Portrait of An American Family" (Family Trip as the opener plus Get Your Gunn and lunchbox), closed with Beautiful People & AntiChrist Superstar (with the podium!) as encores - Dita Von Teese was sitting in the VIP balcony enjoying the show and looking proud of her man : )

Opening was yet another bad band from NYC fronted by a chick (Manson apparently loves those...) called SLUNT and they were awful and obviously thought they were just way too cute : (

Damn its hard to believe I've been listening to Manson for ten years. The day after Thanksgiving will mark the day I *ALMOST* saw them the first time opening for NIN (well I had tickets but then the day BEFORE Thanksgiving we went to Raleigh to see Danzig and Glenn happened to mention they'd added a 2nd NYC show for Friday and asked me "you'll be there, right?" so how could I say no? That was the night he gave me the big cross pendant too...)

Heard a rumor that Jeordie White (a/k/a Manson's ex bass player Twiggy Ramirez) is joining Nine Inch Nails for their upcoming tour? I guess Trent wants to get even with Manson since Chris Vrenna is now playing for Manson filling in for Ginger Fish who got injured in Germany.

Feels weird not seeing all the folks from the "old days" who used to road trip alongside us to many many Manson shows like the Slashers & especially Carrie as I start crying when I think of her killing herself last March. Paula had broken the news to Manson via email and then he called her back to talk about it, at the show I could tell he was thinking of her since during "Great Big White World" he pointed straight at Paula when he sang "Mother Mary, Miss Carrie" since that line was the little in joke they'd had about how she'd finally made it into one of his songs.

Julia from NYC was the only "oldtimer" there plus of course Damien who works at the 9:30 who had good news as he's going to flight school & working on getting his pilot's license! Good to see them!

We planned on going to the Philly show tonight but Judy was feeling REALLY sick and not up to it and frankly right now I'd rather rest & catch up on things like doing laundry and packing and NOT take a chance on getting a cold (worried yesterday when I spent 6 hours in line in the rain!) so I'll be ready to fly to LA on Tuesday - I am SOOOO looking forward to my trip! Julia offered to sell our tickets for us so that was a huge relief, at least I won't be out all that $$$.
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