Elizabeth (sistinas) wrote,

Beth's critters

And on the Carnivore road trip course I got to visit Beth & her husband John. Beth loves animals & since she has a wonderful huge old Victorian house she rescues many homeless & unwanted cats - when I found that poor little lost kitten last year (see older posts here and here & couldn't have another kitty at my apartment I brought her up to Beth & now she is very happily settled in & totally runs the place and is so chatty her name is "Shush".

Here is Miss Shush, mouthing off as usual :)

and some of her many friends -

Beth and Bebe -

her new "puppy" Tank. His dad is 1/4 German Shephard & 3/4 Timberwolf, mom is 1/4 Malamute & 3/4 Timberwolf. he is HUGE and still a growing puppy and thankfully very friendly!

Tank horsing around with Beth's German Sherherd Essa who is not a small dog either. Check out those teeth!!!

Shush feels left out -

John's shirt for his bike gang up there in the Amish country ;)

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