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This last weekend.....

Originally I had planned to fly to San Francisco last Friday to see AFI & Tiger Army in SF on Saturday & Santa Cruz on Sunday but the more I thought about it the more I realized I just didn't want to go alone so I scrapped those plans & decided to just make the SoCal shows (Irvine today & Long beach on Friday) and will also fly to Phoenix, AZ tomorrow to catch Tiger Army do a headlining show at the Marquee Theater with I Am Ghost :)

And in staying home I was able to make it up to the Baltimore Comic Con which I missed last year as I was in Salt Lake City seeing Tiger Army. So I finally got to show Grendel creator Matt Wagner my Grendel sleeve which he thought was pretty cool. (I'd told him of my plans 2 years ao when I tried to see if I could commission him to design it around the existing piece of Argent but unfortunately he doesn't take commissions so I was happy I found Kyle Hotz taking them a few months later)

I did get this VERY cool original piece of Hunter Rose as Grendel from Matt - I love this as it reminds me of the Randy Bowen Grendel sculpture I have.

click for more new art.....

Also got to see Joe Linsner & bought a hardcover copy of his "Three Tiers" book from him & asked him to sign it & not only did he do so but he did a lovely sketch of Dawn for me:

Also ran into Tony Harris for the first time in many many years & got some neat older pieces from him that were done as illos to the White Wolf "Vampire the Masquerade" gaming books

Also great to finally meet Dan Maull (who I used to think of as "that evil Darth Maul" when he'd outbid me on ebay) who is such a nice fellow you just can't hate him even if he does have probably the world's largest Grendel art collection. Besides he sold me my favorite Zulli piece. He brought along a couple of his most prized pieces, original pages to the first published Grendel story in Comico Primer #2 that he talked Matt Wagner out of . It was a real treat to see them in person & good to know where they are and that they are certainly appreciated! You can see his amazing collection here.

My ever growing Comic Art Fan Gallery -
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