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in the Valley of Dreams

the morning after the UC Irvine show Mary and I flew to Phoenix to catch Tiger Army at the Marquee.

Oh man what a freaking amazing show!!! So glad I made it out for this one, the last headlining TA show of 2006 (OK I know they've said that a few times but hopefully this time they mean it cause dammit I want that new album recorded partially out of the frustration of having to wait til it comes out to hear LunaTone again!)

You know the crowd will be rough when they make you take your shoes off at the door to search them which they did.... inside it got REALLY crazy during TA's set - at one point it was raining crowdsurfers (I mean 6 within a minute during "In the Orchard"??????) But such energy, the place was packed and everybody was really into it - Nick looked like he was in a really great mood & Jeff & James also sounded amazing. It was one of the best shows I have ever ever seen - the kind where there is so much energy that even if that 20th crowdsurfer kicks you in the head you are so happy you don't even feel it. Wow... even tho the show the night before in Irvine was really good, this one was off the charts! It made me remember why I love this band so damn much and why I do what I do.

TA's set list more or less - missed nabbing one so trying to reconstruct from memory - not quite in order....

Ghost Tigers Rise
Jungle Cat
True Romance
Valley of Dreams
Cupid's Victim
Santa Carla Twilight
20 Flight Rock
Rose of the Devil's Garden
Atomic !!!

~ with Donny on steel gutar:
The Long Road !!!!!!!
In the orchard (such a treat to hear both of these!!!)

Never Die

Encore -
Anabelle Lee

Opening were I Am Ghost who I'd seen open for TA in February at the House of Blues in Anaheim - these guys are great & put on awonderful show, their first album (follow up to their "We Are Always Searching" EP) will be out Oct 10 & its worth grabbing. Next up were the warriors who didn't do a whole lot for me with their hardcore-metal-rap style (frankly I can't respect a man who can't find pants that fit...)

Got lots of great TA pix - lots on my website here:

and many below the cut :)

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