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live and direct from West Hollywood.....

jet lagged & still tired but happy - got in last night & picked up my rental car about 11 PM & drove over to Kristin's - she has a beautiful apartment in a really nice neighborhood nestled in between Santa Monica Blvd and Sunset Strip - just a 5 minute walk to the Viper Room and the Whiskey a Go Go, how is that for convenient! She took me out to eat in a restaurant on the strip called Rainbows & pointed out some of the locals who were busy trying to drum up prospective audiences for their upcoming gigs.

Its great to see Kristen - she is looking fantastic and loves it out here, thinking of possibly extended her nursing contract when it is up in March - can't say I blame her at ALL!

Best get dressed & this afternoon I'll go get in line for the 1st of 5 shows for Social Distortion & Tiger Army!!!! Unfortunately Kristen has to work tonight (and tomorrow) so I'm going alone but she can make it to the Friday & Saturday shows (and possibly Monday's)

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