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October/November is booking up...

Looks like lots of stuff coming up.... I was originally gonna fly out to LA to see Viva Hate on Halloween at the Key Club but yesterday I got the most AMAZING deal on airfare from BWI -> LAX as they were having a DING! sale in the middle of the day for $49 each way buit only on Thursdays & Saturdays so instead I'm aiming for the October 20th Viva Hate show in Riverside, CA @ the Vibe...well it didn't quite work out that cheap after taxes but I got the flight out for $59 with tax and the one back for $74 with tax or $133 roundtrip which is pretty insane for r/t coast to coast.... I can't thank Mary enuff for PM'ing me in the middle of the day to give me a heads up on that fare as it would have expired by the time I got home. I love Southwest and DING!. Riverside should be great anyway as Geoff told me they got a great tape off the soundboard last time so they are planning on recording that show, damn somebody needs to sign these guys as they are incredible. Will be so great to see Geoff and Kamilla and Chad again (and Matt and Eric and Emily Marilyn!)

And meanwhile there is PLENTY going on in October on the East coast!! Starting with Lost City Angels opening for Social Distortion at Sonar in Baltimore October 6th - have never been to SOnar yet so can check this place out! It will be one of the first LCA shows with their new singer Sweeney Todd as they had to boot "Baby Glenn" Ronnie as he was boozing it up too much - what a shame. But I've heard great things about Sweeney who comes froma band called "the Dead Pets" that LCA spoke highly of and told Adam they'll need new concert pix for the new lineup :)

And AFI just announced a couple of east coast dates... they'll be playing at the Starland Ballroom (where I recently saw Carnivore) on Oct 30th in NJ so it will be heaven to see them in a club again after those 2 arena shows.. I snagged tickets to that & to a show they are doing in Albany on November 4th and may have a ride to that one or at the very least somebody to split a hotel room with if I opt to fly :)

And I Am Ghost are finally coming east to ptomote their new album out Oct 10th (tho I found an advance copy on ebay thats en route as I type) :) They'll be playing a matinee show at the Ottobar in Baltimore on the afternoon of October 29th so I'll hit that on my way up to Joisy for Afee and then they are also playing at a church near Rittenhouse Square in Philly on Halloween itself so assuming AFI deosn't suddenly announce an east coast Halloween show that sounds like a cool way to spend All Hallow's :)

I also splurged and got tix for me & the roomies for Alice Cooper at the Warner Theater on October 23rd (I kinda felt I needed too after successfully guessing the presale password & scoring 10th row seats... took 6 tries and was "snake" BTW tho I think it should have been "mascara") as neither of them have ever see da Coop (though we've eaten in his Sports Bar in Cleveland several times!) and we all grew up on him in the days before Marilyn Manson ;) Sheesh I haven't seen him in concert since I was in college - he was the one act I was FORBIDDEN to see as a child and I'll never forgive my parents for that one. But he can always be counted on to put on an entertaining show.

Debating hitting the Dresdon Dolls show at the 9:30 Oct 27th tho I don't know anybody else interested in going and I pre-ordered tix for Matt Skiba's Heavens side project at the Ottobar November 9th, hav ethe new CD on order & can't wait to hear it.

Sigh, so much for staying home & paying down the credit card LOL!
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