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Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy turkey day to all my friends!

Had a great night last night - I went down to the Wiltern theater yesterday about 3 PM - there was NOBODY in line so I stopped the McDonalds around the corner & immediately ran into Frank, a guy I met at one of the Tiger Army shows at the House of Blues last July. I know him pretty well from all the message boards I'm on as he posts as "blackacidanzig13" on them. So it was nice to see a familiar face and have somebody else to hang out in line with. Ran into Jon and talked to him for quite a while - he was relieved to be back home after two months on the road, they'd just driven in from Arizona and had a terrible trip since they had a blow out on one of the tires on the U-haul and it took out a fender plus they got a speeding ticket : (

The Wiltern is probably the most gorgeous old restored Art Deco theater I've ever seen - it was a real treat to see a show there! Their ceiling is amazing too - beautiful deco reliefs and then colored lights that constantly change colors - I feel sorry for anybody who never bothered to look UP while they were waiting for the bands to come on. They had a different set up than most places I've been in that the general admission first floor is split into sections with walls in between - the pit is at the very front with a ramp leading down to it and the first 150 people with GA tickets can trade them in at the bottom of the ramp for a wrist band that will allow them in the pit (then with the wristband they can come in & out). so it pays to get in line early there & the nice thing is that it prevents too much crushing up front and is a lot safer to see a show - even during Social D there was very little pushing.

It was the last night for the Explosion on this tour and they had to celebrate Thanksgiving in their unique way - Million Dollar Matt came out in a Pilgrims hat with a white front tacked on to his black polo shirt & big square buckles on his sneakers & was holding a "cornucopia" a/k/a/ a bowl of fruit while the rest of the band wore kiddy Indian headdresses, it was very funny! They were a lot of fun & I'm sorry to see them go but at least I'll get a chance to see some different bands on the other nights (not sure who but I think the Hangmen and the God Awfuls are playing)

Tiger Army were great as always - Nick asked the crowd to vote between Annabelle Lee and Incorporeal and it was pretty overwhelmingly for Incorporeal so they did that one. (Hope they'll do Annabelle Lee at at least one of these shows though!) They also did "Through the Darkness" instead of "Wander Alone" (fine by me as it is one of my absolutely favorites) He looked very snazzy in a bright red long sleeve shirt with black collar and cuffs, first time I've seen him wear red & it looks very nice : )

Social D were great - they played "Bad Luck" for the first time I've gotten to hear it on this tour, amused to see that Matt Freeman has put a Tiger Army sticker on his bass : ) They also seemed very happy to be home after a long tour!

After the show I ran into Jeff Roffredo, told him I'd picked up the Resurex CD and was really digging it and he was like "how did you find out about that?" - I seem to confuse him a lot : ) (Still remember how surprised he was in NYC when I asked him to sign the 2 Calavera CDs) Very sweet guy tho, told him I'd see him at the rest of the shows & he just grinned. Picked up a new red & black TA shirt & some "Devil Girl" panties and a Social D shirt for sainangelsin & headed out - stopped at the Ralph's supermarket next door & picked up some groceries - funny to end up standing in line at a supermarket behind 20 psychobillies! Then a quick stop at the In N' Out Burger on Sunset Blvd for some dinner - gotta get my SoCal Burger fix! And back here to crash!
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