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sometimes I feel so dumb (confessions of a gadget junkie....)

Sometime probably last Thursday I somehow lost my MP3 player.... my trusty beloved Creative Zen Nomad Jukebox containing some 7500 or so tunes on it. I probably left it on a train tho Metro didn't have one in their lost and found (I know damn well the first kid to find it would keep it anyhow). About as stupid as how I lost the first one (leaving it in the back seat pocket of a United Flight on New Year's day 2005) Friday morning on the train in I went to use it & when it wasn't there I thought I left it at home & sort of forgot over the weekend, then when the same thing happened yesterday I remembered to search & turned the apartment & car upside down when I got home from work to no avail - ARGH!!! I feel sooo dumb realizing that occasionally I can get so distracted I totally forget about stuff :(

At least this time I had the sense to back up all the ripped music on an external hard drive so I don't have to rip all those damn CDs again.

So being like a junkie in need of a fix without my tunes I ventured out to Best Buy last night.... of course they don't even carry a 40 gig Creative any more and were sold out of the 60GB iPod so I splurged and bought myself one of the brand spankin' new 80GB iPods that you can also load photos & videos on. Hard to believe this little gizmo has as big a hard drive as my desk top (and 160 times that of my first PC!) Hmmm maybe I can put the Venture Brothers on it to enjoy when I travel. I'm already frustrated with itunes and missing the Creative software & only have a few albums on there yet since i didn't need to get some sleep last night (not nearly enough at that) and I'm totally jonesing for some Joy Division right now so hopefully I can load a bunch more LPs on tonight. At least they make them in black now & it looks pretty sweet & I can plug it directly into the car stereo. Sigh... always a new learning curve too to the latest gadget.
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