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electronic frustrations

The new iPod is a wonderful toy + I even have a buncha photos of my kitty Spooky & little Rissa on there, which sure beats tucking little prints in yer wallet. Screen resolution is pretty nice for its size.

But I fucking HATE their itunes software - it is very slow and cumbersome and there seems to be no way to easily transfer the 40 gigs worth of music backed up on an external hard drive from my late lamented lost Creative Zen without transferring it in batches onto my laptop's hard drive (which sure as hell doesn't have 40 free gigs on it...), its all designed to automatically synch your computer and isn't real happy about manual controls. The creative software made SO much more sense! So looks like I'll have to transfer it in batches, at least I have my "most listened to" on there already & I guess I'll get the rest transferred bit by bit.

My old Sony Vaio desktop is having fits & occasional crashes & I fear it may not be long for this world so in a fit of paranoia I backed it all up again & removed most anything non-essential from the hard drive & defragged it so hopefully I can get a bit more life out of it as I'd prefer to not have to get another til at least I get the iPod paid off on the Best buy card... At least it has served me well and lasted longer than my other computers and I wouldn't mind eventually getting something faster as its kinda pokey & best for email and web surfing while I do all my photo editing & stuff on the laptop.

At least its Friday, looking forward to the new tattoo on Sunday, my Marty Fuckin' Emond Devilgirl!
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