Elizabeth (sistinas) wrote,

electronic madness

The problem with getting an 80 gig iPod is now I feel I need to make use of the extra space & fill it up LOL.... so maybe if I rip 10 CDs a night to add to the ones on there? On the plus side I'm digging thru my collection & rediscovering things I'd forgotten about but love and pulling them out again. On the minus side I realize I DON'T have some which sends me off to push buttons on amazon...

I am looking to replace my desktop computer (the aging Vaio) before it kicks the bucket. When I turn it off it takes about 15 minutes to boot back up so I now leave it on for a few days at a time and pray it will work again. I've degragged & done system restores & checked whatever I'm caopable of to no avail. After 5 1/2 years i think its just pooped. I'm just really grateful I have the laptop in case it suddenly croaks as I remember the long ago days of computer withdrawal when the sole 'pooter was broken or being repaired.

Meanwhile I am looking at options for a new one... I am *really* tempted by the spiffy Alienware Area 51 desktop with the case that looks like some sort of sci-fi helmet and has programmable colored lights. The combo of black with hot pink lights looks especially nifty. It would also be nice to have one ofthe huge hard drives so I can consolidate files scattered across the laptop & my two backup external drives as it seems I'm constantly plugging and unplugging them looking for stuff.

People in our office are very happy this week as three of our grantees have won Nobel prizes! Pleased to see Dr. Kornberg just took one in Chemistry as I met him 2 1/2 years ago at one of our review meetings that he served on. And our administrative office gave me a nice gift in the form of a bouquet of balloons (knowing that I'm allergic to flowers!) as a thank you for helping with the budget for fiscal year 2007 meetings :)
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