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cool to find out that somebody you've admired since you were a kid is a really nice person

So yesterday mormning I spotted a tiny blurb in the little freebie Express paper that they pass out on the Metro that Terry Gilliam would be doing a talk at the Hirschorn Museum & screening his new film "Tideland" and I got really excited... I've been a huge fan of the man since I was a kid and discovered Monty Python & he's up there at the top of my list of all time favorite directors (well, right behind Tim Burton) for having brought the world "Brazil", "Time Bandits', "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas", "The Adventures of Baron Munchausen" let alone "Monty Python and the Holy Grail" (and I'll forgive him the Brothers Grimm if he just did it to pay for Tideland...there was a decent movie in there struggling to get out).

Anyway they were supposed to be distributing free tickets at 6:15 and unfortunately I couldn't get off work early as we were having our big Institute Awards ceremony which I'd arranged all the logistics for but I went down afterwards with Judy and we arrived to find a BIG line. Uh oh. We got inside and were told that all the tickets were gone already but we were welcome to stand in another line in the hopes that more might be released if some people didn't pick theirs up so we decided to hang around just in case even though there were already 30 people in that line & our chances weren't exactly good.

We watched the ticketed line escorted downstairs to the auditorium & our hearts sank a bit but we stuck it out and kept waiting. And in a few minutes I noticed a fellow in a blue demin coat with an abstract expressionistic painting in orange and rust on the back who looked oddly familiar walking down the line we were standing in shaking everybody's hands and telling them "I hope you can get in" and most of the folks looked kinda confused as to why this fellow was wishing them well but a couple others besides me recognized Mr. Gilliam.

He came down to the end where we were & I thanked him for coming out to talk to us & asked nicely if he'd mind signing a book for me & he beamed and said "well of course!" so I pulled out my nice big hardcover of "Dark Knights and Holy Fools: The Art and Films of Terry Gilliam: From Before Python to Beyond Fear and Loathing" and offered a pen but he said "hey I have a better one" and pulled out a sharpie & inscribed it to me and I thanked him & gave him a hug.

What an incredibly cool guy he is to take the time to come out & meet the fans who couldn't even get in, it meant a LOT to me especially since we couldn't get tickets after hustling downtown. And I can at least hear the talk on the podcast that will get posted to the Hirschorn's web page and we'll see Tideland as soon as it comes out and the little kid in me is still happily bouncing up and down singing "I met Terry Gilliam"!!
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