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even with the best intentions sometimes ya fuck up!

So Friday night I headed on up to the club SONAR in Baltimore to meet up with my buds the Lost City Angels who were opening for Social D. They were nice enough to put me on the guest list & get me photo pass & I was escorted in early by the club staff & got to say hi to everybody & pass out some homemade cookies I brought :) It was great to see them again as I hadn't seen my boys since March when I was up in Boston to see Dropkick Murphys for St Patty's day and caught Duggan's acoustic solo show at the Middle East afterwards.

And this time I also got to meet their new singer Sweeney Todd from the Dead Pets, a band I'd heard them speak very highly of many times before so I know they are thrilled to have him aboard! Also new is their shadowy guitarist "Mr X" (or Nick 2), replacing Nick who's gone off to seek fame on the silver screen & will be appearing soon in a film with Drew Barrymore and Hugh Grant (I kid you not!)

Grabbed a spot on the barrier to watch the openers, Blackpool Lights who were pretty good & did some nice covers of Tom Petty's "American Girl" and The Records' "Starry Eyes", then headed up to get inside the barrier for the first 3 songs for LCA.

They came on - I started shooting, and NOTHING. The camera (my nice digital SLR Nikon D70) wouldn't fire & I freaked. I frantically fidgeted with the settings but nothing worked & I was scared that it had badly malfunctioned & would need to be sent in for repairs (as it did once before when it up and died - coincidentally when I saw LCA play at the Black Cat a little over a year ago!) Realizing I was loosing my chance for any pix I put it down & fumbled thru my bag & realized I'd left my "good" little backup, the Panasonic Lumix home & only had the old Nikon Coolpix of Jree's. But better than nothing so at least I got some shots with that though they are nowhere up to my standards & I know I could have done so much better with the D70. I'm frustrated as hell & feel like I let the guys down as I was so excited about getting some new shots with Sweeney for them!

Camera update - the next morning when I had time to quietly sit down (and light to see!) I figured out that it was the lens that had jammed and it took me about half an hour to loosen it & get the lens off and I cleaned the connectors & gently remounted it & now it is working OK again but I had a bad scare there. Next time I check thoroughly that day instead of just picking it up when I haven't used it in a couple of weeks (the last time I used it was at the Long Beach Aquarium a few weeks ago)

Anyway still had a fun night - LCA were great and Sweeney has an incredible stage presence that ot the crowd really going - he spends much of the show right on the barricade interacting with the fans so they got a really good response :) It was so great to see my boys from Boston again & meet Sweeney & the mystery guitarist! I almost missed Social D tho - I had a good spot right up front but then everybody around me started smoking & I started having an asthma attack... I retreated to the back corner where there was a door that people were going in & out of that afforded some fresh air and sat down for a bit but eventually was able to watch the rest of the set but that was disappointing. I wish Baltimore would ban smoking in bars like so many other places have - it makes me realize how much more i can enjoy shows in California or New York without fear of getting severely ill. DC has a ban to go into effect January 2st though many places like the Black Cat are fighting it and trying to get an exemption - I hope they don't get an exception, it is so awful to have to leave in the middle of a show because of all the people smoking :(

here's Sweeney -

Lots more pix on my web site Here: www.psychotica.net/lostcityangels/sonar2006.html

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